Director's Welcome

While physical care represents a nurse's day-to-day tasks, we know from countless patient stories and writings that a nurse's presence and attention often symbolize much more than care of the body.

For generations, the lamp and its light have represented the nursing profession. Even though today's nurses no longer carry lamps on nightly rounds, light and hope accompany them always.

That light and hope came to our community in 1875 when the Sisters of St. Francis traveled from Germany to the United States to establish St. Elizabeth Hospital.

In 1897, they opened the St. Elizabeth Hospital School of Nursing as a training school for members of their order. By 1937, the community's need for nurses had grown so great that the school began admitting lay students.

Many lives have been touched by the light and hope carried by our graduates over the last 100 years. Today, we continue to draw on our early, solid foundation. We maintain a dedicated faculty and staff and our students are committed to hard work. We uphold a tradition of the highest standards of excellence.

As a St. Elizabeth School of Nursing student, you will draw on this legacy as you develop your own nursing skills, gain greater insights into patient care and mold your compassion to help patients master, regain and maintain optimal health.

I invite you to master the knowledge you will need as a nurse, to discover your own inner light and to help us carry light and hope into the 21st century. Apply Online Today.

Michelle L. Gerrety, EdD, MSN, RN
Director, St. Elizabeth School of Nursing