The following is a Disclosure Statement that advises how well the school is doing in relationship to the number of graduates passing the licensing examination.

Form I (Revised) | April 30, 2015


To help you make an informed decision about whether to enroll in the REGISTERED NURSE PROGRAM, ST. ELIZABETH SCHOOL OF NURSING wants you to know that, according to the latest information:

Our Retention Rate is:

59.8% & OR 61 of the 102 students who were admitted to the program between August 1, 2010 through July 31, 2011 went on to graduate in either the 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14 or 2014-15 academic year. (Two [2] students of this group are still enrolled.) Of these students 37.5% or 3 of the 8 students who were admitted to the School in 2010-2011 as First-time, Full-time Freshman went on to graduate from this School.

Our Completion Rate is:

100%, or 61 of the 61 students who were admitted to the program between August 1, 2010 through July 31, 2011 and graduated, completed the program within 150% of the normal time or within 6 academic years or (twelve (12) regular semesters). According to the School’s normal curriculum plan, a student should be able to complete the program in three (3) calendar years. Of these students who graduated, the average length of time spent to complete the program of study was approximately 3.5 academic years or seven (7) full time semesters.

Our Job Placement Rate is:

* 36.8 %, or 21 of the 57 students who graduated during the 2013-2014 academic year have found jobs in NURSING; and * 100 % or 21 of the 21 graduates who responded to our job placement questionnaire found a NURSING position within six (6) months of graduation. On the average the graduate was employed in NURSING within two (2) months of graduation. Graduate position titles as reported by the graduates of 2013-2014 completing the questionnaire include: RN, Staff Nurse in the areas of: Medical/Surgical Nursing, Critical Care, Emergency Departments; Maternal Health (OB), Pediatrics, Geriatrics and Community Health * We have been told by 0 of the students that graduated in that year, even though they graduated, they decided not to look for a job in that occupation. Also, 36 of the students who graduated in that year have not responded to our job placement questionnaire, so we do not know whether they have found jobs or not.

Our Pass Rate is:

98.3%, or 59 of the 60 graduates of this program taking the NCLEX-RN administered by the State of Indiana Board of Nursing or other Member Board Jurisdictions between April 1, 2014, to March 30, 2015, passed that examination. Of these graduates 87% or 52 of 60 graduates of this program taking the NCLEX-RN passed on their first attempt. The National Passing Average for ALL Candidates for approximately the same period is 71.5 % and for First Time Candidates is 82 %. Information of Student Achievement through standardized tests, Student, Graduate and Employer Satisfaction Ratings and Program Complaints are available upon request from the Office of the Director, School of Nursing. 1508 Tippecanoe Street, Lafayette IN 47904, Telephone (765) 423-6408. Information regarding the Accreditation Status of the School or Record of Reportable Complaints may be made by contacting: Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850 Atlanta, GA 30326

Telephone: (404) 975-5000
WEB Site: www.acenursing.org

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