Our Mission

Preparing Nurses to Continue Christ’s Ministry

St. Elizabeth School of Nursing and Saint Joseph’s College, have entered into an agreement to offer a cooperative nursing education program of study that stimulates students. Each will help the student practice professional registered nursing as diploma/bachelor’s prepared graduates, to think analytically, pursue independent learning experiences, and develop a greater awareness of and sensitivity toward themselves and others. This is accomplished by the synthesis of knowledge obtained from the liberal arts, sciences, and nursing through the visions and values of our Franciscan and Missionaries of the Precious Blood traditions.  Our purposes are:

  • To prepare graduates to practice proficiently with compassion as nurse generalists in a variety of care settings for clients across the lifespan.
  • To promote an environment which values life long learning of individuals who are confident in confronting the issues and complexities of delivering quality care today and in the future, with intelligence, faith, service, and stewardship.
  • To prepare graduates to assume leadership roles giving witness to the Christian Humanism values of justice, respect and commitment to human solidarity and interdependence on local, national and global levels.