Outstanding Alumni Award

The criteria for the Outstanding Alumni Award is based on the motto engraved on the School’s pin, “Vita Aliis Vota – Life Devoted to Others,” and should be reflective of the School’s mission statement which is “Preparing Nurses to Continue Christ’s Ministry.” Give examples of how this individual demonstrates a “Life Devoted to Others” as a nurse and a member of the community. The criteria should include but is not limited to:

As a nurse, the nominee demonstrates a life devoted to others through:

  • Living a life of personal integrity;
  • Educating people in the aspects of healthy living;
  • Increasing personal continuing education;
  • Participating in community health activities;
  • Supporting others in their spiritual growth;
  • Going beyond personal job expectations;
  • Helping others to achieve their life goals;
  • Seeking to involve others in helping people;
  • Volunteering for various health related committees;
  • Assisting those less fortunate in life; and
  • Demonstrating a gift of selfless giving.

All nominations must be received no later than Sept. 18 each year. The selection committee will meet to make the final selection which will be announced at the Annual Alumni Luncheon.

Nomainations can also be sent to: St. Elizabeth School of Nursing Alumni Advisory Council, 1508 Tippecanoe St., Lafayette, IN 47904-2198  

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