The Nursing Faculty's Belief of Humanity

We as a faculty view individuals as thinking, feeling, and unique beings with inherent dignity and worth.  Within the individual there is aspiritual essence thatprovides meaning and substance to the person’s life and being.

Inherent in these values are respect for the uniqueness and diversity of the human experience.  Humans influence and are influenced by their environment, and have meaning within the roles, relationships, and societal structures of families and communities.  Each individual is accountable for social consciousness that guides the recognition and acceptance of responsibilities to self, others and the environment.  It is this social consciousness that motivates individuals to interact with others in a mutually beneficial manner.

The Nursing Faculty's Belief on Education / Learning

Education is a social process whereby learning takes place.  It provides knowledge regarding the practices, convictions and standards of society.  This involves physical and mental activities through which meaning is attributed and problem-solving ability is acquired.  It assists the individual to definea personal code of ethics and cultivate a professional ethic. 

Learning is a life-long process that is enhanced when educational activities are meaningful to the learner.  The learner’s life experiences combine with cultural and ethnic heritage in unique patterns to influence what is learned and how it is learned.  Learning is facilitated in a supportive environment where individuals can utilize personal experiences and are actively involved in the process.  Teachers are responsible for assessing and designing learning environments for the attainment of learning outcomes.  The learners, in the educational process, must assume personal accountability for their own growth and development. Teacher-learner interactions are reflective of a cooperative learning experience.  Together, they set goals, select, and evaluate educational experiences and learning outcomes. 

The Nursing Faculty's Belief of Health

Health is a dynamic state influenced by individual, environmental, and hereditary factors.  Health is perceived according to the individual’s cultural and developmental perspectives.  Individuals respond wholistically and uniquely in adapting to stressors whether they are physiological, psychological, spiritual, developmental or sociocultural.  The state of health for individuals, families, and communities is influenced by adaptation to internal and external environmental factors.  Health care involves the processes, which identify potential and existing situations that promote, maintain or compromise the level of optimal health.

The Nursing Faculty's Belief of Nursing

Nursing as a professionis a dynamic art and science, which responds to the health needs of individuals, families, and communities as influenced by their physical, spiritual, cultural, and intellectual environments. Nursing as an art advocates for caring relationships, commitment, and dedication to facilitate health, wellness, and comfort.  Nursing science combines the elements of theory, applied research, and clinical practice.   This is achieved through integration of the liberal arts, sciences, and life experiences.  The professional nurse assesses,diagnoses and intervenes with individuals, families, and communities.