Academic Programs

The St. Elizabeth School of Nursing - University of Saint Francis Cooperative Nursing Program offers a seamless integrated Diploma - Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) curriculum in nursing that prepares graduates to become eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN).

After successful completion of the examination, the graduate is licensed to practice as a Registered Nurse. To register in any other state, the nurse must apply for licensure by endorsement and meet the requirements of that state.

The program requires 120 semester credits and is offers a flexible schedule of course offerings and sample curriculum plans. This allows for students to select a plan of study that meets their desired pace for completion and personal/family needs.

Because multiple courses are offered in summer terms, students can select a curriculum plan that mirrors a 3-year Diploma program. Students can also choose a more traditional 4-year plan of study. Students who have already earned a baccalaureate or higher degree in another discipline will be allowed to complete all program requirements at a pace conducive to their needs (based on a review of their transcripts as per the existing transfer of credit policy at STESON and similar process at USF).

Sample curriculum plans are offered to guide students in selecting the pace at which they desire to complete the program. However, students are not forced to declare a particular curriculum plan upon admission. The sample curriculum plans have identical program completion requirements. The sample plans provide flexibility and allow for students to begin one plan of study but, if needed, switch to a different plan of study.

The unit of academic credit is the semester hour. The School of Nursing's academic calendar is based on the semester system. A standard semester contains 16 weeks of instruction including final examination. One semester hour of nursing credit is equivalent to: 15 hours of classroom contact plus outside preparation; 30 hours of laboratory/case management (1:2 ratio); 45 hours of clinical experience (1:3 ratio) plus appropriate outside preparation; or a combination of the foregoing laboratory/clinical ratios.  Spring/summer sessions vary in number and length. Academic credit is reported in terms of semester hours, whether earned during a regular 16-week semester, or the spring/summer sessions or any special sessions.

Credits assigned to nursing courses may not be transferable to other institutions of higher education or schools of nursing and are used solely for the purpose of computing costs and/or grade point averages.

Transfer Information

Students seeking to transfer from another educational institution are considered for admission on an individual basis. Applicants seeking advanced credit for nursing courses taken at another institution must submit one Official Academic Transcript to the St. Elizabeth School of Nursing including course descriptions for all nursing courses completed and a letter from the previous school indicating the student's status at the time of withdrawal. Admission procedures are then the same for transfer students and admission consideration will be given when all materials are received.

Accepted students are classified at the appropriate level. A transfer student must meet all prior academic requirements. Evaluation of nursing courses for transfer credit consideration will be determined by the administrative nursing representative of the major. Evaluation of course credits for General Education and Sciences requirements is the responsibility of the University. Acceptance of nursing courses for transfer credit will be made only for those courses taken during the past three years.

Only those courses from a regionally or nationally specialized program accredited post-secondary institution in which a passing grade or better as determined by the School of Nursing(established by current policy) has been attained are eligible for transfer credit provided the scope and content of the course is essentially equivalent to the course(s) of the Nursing Program or College in currency, comparability, relevancy to program requirements and in the calculation of credit. Credits from non-regionally or nationally non-specialized program accredited institutions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. However, the accreditation status of the institution or program from which the student is seeking to transfer credit will not be the sole basis for either accepting or denying credit for transfer.

Credit by Exam

The School of Nursing offers a credit by examination option for clinical nursing courses. The evaluation is on an individual basis and will include theory-equivalency examinations and evaluation. The applicant seeking credit by examination must abide by admission policies. For specific information, contact the School of Nursing Admissions Office.

Apply Online

We recommend that you submit your Admissions Application to the School of Nursing online. Once your online application is received, along with all required transcripts and test scores test scores, your file will be reviewed and our Admissions staff will be in contact.