Alumni Spotlight

Published: 11-17-2021
Russell Creel
There are many ways in which a person might realize they want to become a nurse. Sometimes it’s a desire they’ve had since childhood. Other times, it’s a personal experience where a nurse had such an impact on them that they wanted to do the same great work. For Russell W. Creel, NP-C, it was a combination of things, but largely, it was a calling from God. The mission of St. Elizabeth School of Nursing, “Continuing Christ’s healing ministry,” aligned with what Russell wanted to do with his life. After volunteering to help a child with disabilities, the nursing path became clear. He began to follow his new passion and a ministry about which he cared deeply. Russell graduated from St. Elizabeth School of Nursing in 2002. He went on to complete a Master of Science in Nursing from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2006. He currently lives in Merrill, Wisconsin and works for Logistics Health, Inc. Learn more about Russell below!
Published: 10-13-2021
Tori Wake
Tori Wake, RN, BSN, graduated from the St. Elizabeth School of Nursing only a short time ago in 2020. However, in the time since, she’s already using her education to make a big difference—including saving a life by trusting her gut.
Published: 09-28-2021
Jennifer Johns
The OB (Obstetrics) nurses who assisted me during the delivery of my son were so helpful and kind and really made an impression on me. They were also very informative and gave me all kinds of great advice as I entered that brand new stage of my life. When I started my nursing education, my original interest had been OB-centered. 
Published: 08-25-2021
Glenna & Kaitlyn Crouch
St. Elizabeth School of Nursing is well over a hundred years old at this point. It, and the Franciscan Alliance organization itself, was founded by six Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration who came to Lafayette, Ind. from Germany in 1875. Ever since their arrival, the school has passed down top-of-the-line education to generations of students—but that’s not the only thing that has been passed down. A deep love of St. Elizabeth School of Nursing has been known to be inherited by children of school alumni, creating family legacies of nursing students. One such legacy is a mother-daughter duo, Glenna and Kaitlyn Crouch. Glenna Crouch (Fraley), RN, from Lowell, Ind., graduated from St. Elizabeth School of Nursing in 1992. She remembers her hands-on education at the school fondly, inspiring her daughter, Kaitlyn Crouch, RN, (also from Lowell, Ind.) to follow in her footsteps.
Published: 06-04-2021
Kirsten Becker
2014 St. Elizabeth School of Nursing graduate Kirsten Becker discovered a way to marry her empathy for others and a career she loves. As a clinical research coordinator, Kirsten is helping lead the charge towards more effective treatments for cancer patients. Find out more about Kirsten, the person who fills all of her favorite nursing school memories and her advice to new RNs striving to find their niche in healthcare.
Published: 06-04-2021
Lauren Becker
2014 alumnae Lauren Becker and her fiance, Rob, are happily living a sun-filled life in Naples, Florida. Lauren, an infusion nurse for CVS Health/Coram, is thankful for a career that found her. Get to know Lauren, find out who kept her motivated while cramming for final exams and how years spent providing care and service to women with cancer led her to become a St. Elizabeth nurse.
Published: 05-14-2021
Kristen Louck
Kristen Louck, a 2018 St. Elizabeth School of Nursing alumnae, is a big believer in striving for excellence, community service and advocating for others. A former NICU RN in Lafayette, Kristen is currently studying for her master’s in nursing administration and is the mother of two teenagers. Get to know Kristen, her passion for healthy communities and what led her to answer the call to become a nurse.
Published: 04-27-2021
Dane Standish
Dane Standish, a 2017 graduate of St. Elizabeth School of Nursing, is a big believer RNs must continue opening doors that lead to career opportunities. Learn more about Dane, how he boldly shares his faith with patients and his advice to new nurses.
Published: 04-07-2021
Andrea Polk
Andrea Polk is a 2011 graduate of St. Elizabeth School of Nursing. An alumnae with a varied background, she now serves as a nurse practitioner at the Unity Healthcare Indiana Packers Health Clinic. Spend some time getting to know Andrea, how her role changed during the pandemic and why she’s a big believer in seizing life’s opportunities before they pass you by.
Published: 03-02-2021
Nikki Baker
Within a three-week, deadline-laden window, 2015 St. Elizabeth School of Nursing alumnae Nikki Baker and her Protect Purdue healthcare team—consisting of several St. Elizabeth faculty and fellow graduates—tested 36,000 West Lafayette students and staff for COVID-19. Without this massive effort, the university would have remained shuddered in the fall of 2020. No small feat indeed, yet Nikki was prepared thanks to her determination and the St. Elizabeth education that launched her into nursing.