Alumni Spotlight

Published: 10-30-2019
Marina and Miranda Bryant
For sisters Marina Spalla and Miranda Bryant, they shared a passion for assisting others which lead them both to the field of nursing.
Published: 10-30-2019
Brenda Murray
Brenda from a very early age had a passion and desire to care for others. Starting with her dolls as a small child, Brenda had always known she would become a Nurse.
Published: 05-15-2019
Ryan Capecci
One of the greatest accomplishments throughout my nursing career has been flying on missions with Grace on Wings. They are a non-profit organization who provides fixed wing medical transportation around the United States.
Published: 04-02-2019
Joan Glick
I was an English major in college and I then went to graduate school to get my Ph.D. in English. I quickly discovered that I wanted to do something else with my life so after working in business for a while, I just decided that I was going to try out nursing school.
Published: 02-15-2019
Carolyn Bessler
As a child of the 60s, we all wanted to make the world a better place. I felt like nursing was my way to do that. It was my avenue to bring peace and love into the world.
Published: 01-15-2019
Claire Allen
My most treasured memory is the camaraderie between the nurses that I went to school with. St. Elizabeth is a small enough school that you very quickly develop a great support system and that shows through your education beyond graduation.
Published: 12-14-2018
Heather Askren
I chose St. Elizabeth School of Nursing because they had smaller classes and hands-on learning. Your clinicals started during your first semester rather than a few years in and they have an awesome staff!
Published: 11-16-2018
Hannah Lewis
The best memory from nursing school was the mission trip to Haiti. The entire trip was life changing but my favorite part during my time there was getting to deliver a baby for the first time.
Published: 10-19-2018
Mary Joan (Kolb) Farrell
I became a nurse for many reasons, but mostly because of the inspiration of others who were nurses. I have many memories from my youth of my mother telling stories about my great Aunt Polly who was a nurse in WW1 and died from influenza.
Published: 09-28-2018
Aaron Hoard
The considerable amount of diverse clinical experience I gained from the St. Elizabeth School of Nursing prepared me to provide better care for my patients immediately upon graduation.