Alumni Spotlight

Published: 09-28-2018
Aaron Hoard
The considerable amount of diverse clinical experience I gained from the St. Elizabeth School of Nursing prepared me to provide better care for my patients immediately upon graduation.
Published: 08-14-2018
Jennifer Sloan
The opportunities they provided me with like starting clinicals early on and getting hands-on experiences were really valuable to me. Those experiences made me more comfortable in hospital settings once I graduated.
Published: 06-08-2018
Jennifer Johns
The OB (Obstetrics) nurses who assisted me during the birth of my son were so helpful and kind and really made an impression on me. They were also very informative and gave me all kinds of great advice as I entered that brand new stage of my life.
Published: 03-21-2018
Mary Bond
Providing one-on-one patient care is what I like most about being an endocrinology nurse. I get to know my patients because they visit repeatedly, and I learn what's going on in their lives, how they're doing and if they're struggling. I like the challenge of finding ways to help them live with their illnesses and live the best life they can.
Published: 02-02-2018
Maria Vought
There are quite a few reasons why I became a nurse, but probably the most impactful is that when I was younger, my mother passed away of a heart attack. It was sudden and unexpected. Her last moments were in a Franciscan hospital. During that time, I had an opportunity to come in contact with nurses who didn't know me from anyone else but were gracious and kind in those sensitive moments.
Published: 11-08-2017
Joshua VanZant
This is where St. Elizabeth School of Nursing paid dividends. We did so many med-surg (medical-surgical) clinicals, and we did so many specialty clinicals. When I came in, I had workers on my floor who went to schools from every conference in the country. At St. Elizabeth School of Nursing, we had a much better curriculum, and I had a lot more clinical hours than others had. I probably had double the clinical hours compared to my peers.